Beef jerky: all the benefits of dried meat

Beef jerky is produced using natural methods : several selected slices of meat are marinated in a special marinade.

It is important to know that the cuts of meat used are of the highest quality , completely deprived of their fat, and skilfully cut to be perfect for drying. This way, the meat will not only dry perfectly, but it will also be just the right texture to eat .

The marinade is made up of various ingredients, carefully selected, to make the beef jerky even tastier. Among them are paprika, garlic and spices. Each mix is ​​important to give a unique taste to the slices of meat, and it is an important process because it contributes to the right flavor of the jerky. After 24 hours of marinating, the beef jerky is dried in a special dryer for 6 to 9 hours. Each slice is placed with care, because it must be dried perfectly wagyu online.

The different types of beef jerky

There are different types of dried meat, usually chosen according to everyone’s personal tastes.

The meats used are mainly beef, chicken, pork and salmon. The very famous American ” beef jerky ” is made of beef, with a lean and appetizing meat . The dry meat industry then developed a great deal over time, creating different products in terms of taste and raw materials.

Only the beef jerky is available in many different flavours: from the classic, to the spicy one with chili or jalapenos, up to the more classic BBQ. Chicken jerky, which normally has a mild and bland taste, is enriched with the flavor of spices.

In addition to beef, pork and salmon, there are also types of dried meat with cuts of game, such as elk, deer and reindeer, special specialties.

The health benefits

There are tons of health benefits to beef jerky: it’s definitely a light , low- carb , high-protein snack . Not only that, the treatment to which it is subjected makes it a perfect meat for sportsmen too.

It is light and low in calories : being obtained from the lean part of the cut of meat, and cooked without animal oils or fats, it has a low calorie content. For this reason it is a snack also suitable for those who are on a diet, or are following a low-carbohydrate diet.

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