The Houston Real Estate: That’s Where Life Is

The Houston Real Estate: That’s Where Life Is

Have you ever planned for a life after retirement? Wondered what will you be doing when you have lost most of your teeth, and still standing strong on legs? Where would you love to spend the rest of your life? What would you like to have around you when you are recollecting your lifelong memories? Ever wished you could spend your life in your life in you ideal home, in tranquil vicinity, surrounded by beautiful gardens, and trees and flowers, where fresh air and peace of mind are your best friends? Wish you could enjoy company of like mindeds and peaceful people? Well, that’s exactly what living in The Houston real estate would feel like.

What amenities provided in the Villages?

There are multiple amenities provided for the residents of Villages. Let us kwon a few of them.

  • Homes/Residence
  • Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants and Eateries
  • Recreational Areas or Clubs or Activities
  • Golf for all
  • Community Events and Gatherings
  • Town Square meetings
  • Health and Safety Centers, etc

Some factual data about the Villages

  1. Concept: It dates back to the 1960’s
  2. Areas: The Villages comprises of three counties in all. The Sumter County, The Lake County, and the Marion County.
  3. Go Figures:
  • 50 Golf Courses
  • 2500 Activity Clubs
  • 3 Town Squares
  1. Population: 1, 25,000 Residents today.
  2. Age Restrictions: Less than 19 years are not allowed to live here. Also, each house should have at least one member who is above 55 years of age. This rule is covered under the federal law of the nation. Average age for males and females in the Villages is 62 and 60 respectively.

Real Estate

The Houston real estate states that the estate market is a little tough in this area than anywhere else. The cost is living is more than the average living cost across entire Florida. The types of houses that are available for sale at the Villages stated below.

  • Patio Villas
  • Courtyard Villas
  • Designer Villas
  • Premier Villas
  • Cottage
  • Ranch

So did you get a glimpse of lifestyle in the Villages? If not satisfied yet, visit the Villages and see for yourself, the ideal retirement lifestyle led by its current residents. The scene will leave you impressed. Visit here

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